Pico Bags Launches A New Range Of Canvas Tote Bags For You Daily Needs

Pico bags are proud to add another wide range of beautifully crafted Canvas Bags along with a stunning range of Carrier Bags, out now, in various sizes to suit all your needs.

This particular range of bags combines grace, simplicity and utility to the fullest. Featuring myriad designs, shapes and sizes, there is surely a bag to math each of your needs. Although the bags look simple to look at, but the various colors, amazing shapes and various capacities make them an ideal choice for college goers, working ones, for carrying books and so much more!

The material used in Canvas Bags, is a high quality and sturdy cotton that offers abundant durability and strength to all of these. Although they might look soft but they indeed carry the ability to hold simply enough of weight, precisely more than you think, on any of your weekend shopping!

On the other hand, you can make use of these striking and extremely appealing paper bags, to enlighten any of your occasions. A gift, presented in beautiful bags, definitely adds value and brilliance to any gift item. This range of beautiful Carrier Bags are any day better than the plastic ones and of course are more funkier, especially when gifting it on your mind!

Canvas Bags–The environment friendly canvas material can be used for any purpose; is washable, easy to handle and available in bright fusion colors to add that extra oomph, much required in enlivening any wardrobe, or adding that extra spunk!

Carrier Bags—No matter it’s your super market spree or you wish to give away a nice gift. These canvas carrier bags are surely at your service, making managing things while on the go; a lot easier!

These days, bags are so much about our own personalities and of course utility plays an integral role. This range of specially created canvas bags as well as carrier bags is surely going to be both. Created to offer a cool and casual look, while the various aspects like its size, color, durability, material etc definitely add that much required element that you need in a bag to carry on, with your daily needs.

Looks and Convenience

For the first time ever, you would see style and funk, combined with the best of utility, handcrafted by Pico Bags. These bags prove to be your ultimate go-getters for all your high school essentials, lunch and water carrying needs, pouch storage and much more. You can now get to store stuff in your drawers a lot better, much organized wherein it all looks great at the same time!

Value for money

For every penny that you spend on these bags, are nothing less than reserves. The bags being reusable; can be used year after year, minus any hassle. The cost is kept, all the more reliable and modest for that matter. You get to choose form a varied number of style of these canvas bags, while Pico has been known to offer innovation, within your means. These bags simply let you know the same, even better.

About Pico Bags

Being one of premier online sellers, for utility bags, hand crafted with natural and environment friendly fabrics and material. Innovation has been your go to options to solve your every days bagging needs, while the party wear collection is surely not to be missed too. The quintessential collection of bags and innovation is carefully weaved in to being out of the box and unique, while staying clear off the chemically processed material, natural and creativity stands to be the pillars on which, the entire designer collection is created to offer innovation in the truest sense.


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