Recently Produced Infographic Shows An Inside Look Into Successful ICO Launches Over The Past Two Years, By DinarDirham


This informative and recently released infographic looks into the nitty gritty of the ICO world since 2014 up until 2016. It reveals successful ICO projects, funds raised, and names of influential fund raisers, and minds behind the scene. It also lists a few upcoming ICO’s to keep an eye on in 2017.

ICO is a relatively new term meaning Initial Coin Offering, it’s very similar to an IPO, or Initial Public Offering for stocks. But an ICO is slightly different. Instead of purchasing recently released stocks, an ICO offers some of their initial coin supply to early adopters in exchange for financially supporting a project. This helps to solve a previous problem of initial coin distribution. If the ICO is successful, the project can succeed, the digital tokens are distributed, and early backers can see a profit from the potential rise in price of the new digital currency.

The first ICO was two years ago in 2014 with Ethereum. Their ICO launch helped raise them over $18 Million dollars, helping them to become the success they are today. Many other startups have followed their example with their own ICO’s, and many have become successful. A successfully launched ICO can help an innovative company or project be more successful and have more of an impact than those that can’t get the funding they need to stand out. ICO’s also provide a unique new investment opportunity to the general public, and helps them be able to participate in the growth of a technology company they believe will do great things.

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