How to buy wood – plastic laminate flooring

When you choose Daixin Ban, be sure to sawn a corner, check the quality inside. Inside the splicing of small pieces of wood, the gap can not exceed 5 mm,choose outdoor WPC decking can not be used with bark, boreholes and dead knots of wood. Good quality Daxin Ban, one of the small wooden bars, there are jagged tenon mouth phase convergence. In use, Daxin Ban can only along the long side of the “open”, can not be used across the saw.WPC decorative wall panels In addition, the core panel can not be used as a panel, to paste a layer of plywood as a panel, or there will be paint blister and other issues.

Glulam, is not easy to deformation, which is a new solid wood materials, the use of high-quality imported large-diameter logs, deep processing and imaging fingers staggered stitching of wood. As the process is different from the environmental performance of this board is superior, is the core board to allow the amount of formaldehyde containing 1/8, the price of 200 yuan per piece,Modern Composite Wall Panels slightly higher than the premium Daixin Ban. But on the other hand, this by the United States spruce and other wood products can be directly painted, paint, than a large board to save a process, the final count down the cost of construction may be flat.

MDF than the particleboard nail holding power difference, particleboard is a natural wood crushed into granular, the pressure into the board, is the main material of the cabinet.Landscape Composite Wood Flooring MDF is pressed with powder sawdust after forming, flatness is better, but poor resistance to moisture. In contrast, MDF grip nail force is less than particleboard, screw tightening occurs if the loose, because the strength of MDF is not high, it is difficult to fix, it is rarely used for cabinet.

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