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EOC apologists and their runescape gold autism. It wasnt good, it isnt good because 10k rs3 maxed nerds that will never leave the game use it.

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Legacy mode is something they said they would never do back then because there is no way EOC could fail and there it is. And also a rolled back 9 yo with a large player base and more content creators.?

I dont understand why people that disliked the old combat while there were tons of games with better action bar for them to switch and enjoy played Runescape. Every wow killer has action bar because they try to be like the ‘cool kids mmos’ and its clear in the Runescape case. Just look at the arstyle now. Its clear they are trying to mimic things and sorry. They will always roll back when the players leave, may be with osrs, legacy or whatever.

With your so ‘superior combat’ your player base is about 32k wich is a less than a third pre EOC. Legacy and other roll back alikes are a diagnose of eoc’s well predicted failure.

You prefer the simple combat, why that? That is subjective to your retarded point of view, wich is a minority taking note of pre-eoc Runescape player base and logically unbased, Runescape was RuneScape and not garbage generic action bar scape, if you liked the EOC update, again, as a minority, I can only percieve you as too much of a low iq to switch to a game that did/does this kind of combat right before. Also you are the cancer that keeps suporting bad updates like thes and nonsensical MTX exp boost and roll backs that they shamless put in the game once it sinking, wich was warned by the player base. If they made a zelda game FPS, there would be some people like you that will say ‘but much game is coler now’ ‘so you prefered to fight with swords… So boring’

Facts for your opinion: You never stepped inside the wilderness, you never made a pking account build like pures, you never switched gear and combos mid combat. You never risk fighted. You have no idea of the skill potential of the simpler combat coding.?

Sure the MTX generic action bar over detailed disney artstyle game, along with its player base of 90% maxed nerds that wont leave the game/stop buying xp no matter how bad it becomes would soon draw attention from a country that is well know for its unhealthy and dirt profit over even human rights. Runescape3 will finally fulfill its role as a chinese wow-killer money milking. Its is just a matter of time, jagex word has proven garbage over and over again. I hope we can hold OSRS together and protect it.

I dont like bonds, but they are a price to pay for f2p old school rs and a good trade off. I see your RS3 fanboy ass in every single video. I already proved your superficial opinion of zeah wrong, I dont have to prove you wrong all over again with your cognitive capabilities that stops when other people stop saying something for you to repeat. Know your place, play and pay those sweet bankstanding slayer dummies. You no life garbage. Just lmao even comparing bonds to your.?

Not if it costed f2p and a decline of the recent popularity osrs is getting. I hope dmm seasonals can get a hold of great marketing from it and in the future, osrs could walk with its owns legs safely?.

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