Please add it for your guide so people know where you can reacquire Another Lead

Please add it for your guide so people know where you can reacquire Another Lead.Abandoning the primary quest doesn t provide you with Another Lead with the mail again either., Make a note that should you drop any from the quest, you’ve to restart it, I found that out today when I messed up using the speeder! It is the most famous game now,why don’t you come wow gold buy wow gold cheap wow gold .Does the wedding renew daily? I tried to select the missions up again but nothing or perhaps is it when your done all there’s left to complete is search for crates for tokens Great site BTW So if anyone doesn t know how to begin the mission Another Lead without getting it within the mail (for Republic), I found in which the start is.

You have to go towards the position within the picture and make use of the Transportation Network Terminal.Simple as that.Would it’s possible to obtain a list from the companions who may use blaster rifles?(Maybe placed next towards the list of weapons?) Keep in mind if you don’t complete dubious motives or perhaps a questionable motive based on faction before gathering the 9 scavenger hunt items you’ll only be because of the choice to show the items in to the Chevin.This will provide you with no DS LS points but limits you to definitely the Chevin title.

This isn’t a bug as by not doing the quest chain you won’t ever are told in game please don t provide the items towards the chevin turn them in to the If you still wish to obtain the choice you have to abandon the scavenger hunt after completing the quest chain and repick it up with all items inside your inventory it’ll autocomplete and you are able to turn it directly into whoever you want Not sure about empire side, but on republic my mission Dubious Motives all messed up, and I got credit for it however it didnt finish, later I was running around attempting to finish it and being half attentive because it was on my small second alt accidentally clicked around the turn in terminal for that main mission, it auto completed it and provided credit without giving me the option to show it in towards the republic because I hadnt yet completed Dubious Motives.