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1.0 – Introduction
This guide is a large composite of ideas and events that I have managed to collect through out my entire RS life. It is not stated that these are the fastest possible methods or exactly the cheapest. But it should cover a large amount of them.
? This guide will teach you the basic understandings of how to go from level 1 to level 99 smithing as quickly or as cheaply as possible. This guide can be used by even the newest members of RS. Some sections will require money already on hand to continue.
? All critiscm is welcomed. As well as suggestions. This guide is to help new & old players alike. Smithing is a skill that WILL require cash, and this guide is not meant to give you a way out of it. There is absolutely no possible way to not lose money while smithing. Only ways to gain it all back.

2.0 – Levels 1-30
Levels 1-30 are quite simple & there is alot of room for freestyle here (choosing your own methods of gaining these levels). But here is the fastest & cheapest way.

(Levels 1-29): This route requires the larger of the players confidence. Though not especially difficult, it involves the completion of the quest “The Knight’s Sword”. The quest is not extremely difficult and gives a whopping reward of 12,725 smithing experience. Quest Guide
12,725 experience (starting at level 1) will get you to level 29 smithing.
Estimated Amount Of Time: 1 hour to complete quest.

(Levels 29-30): Go out and mine/buy 1k iron ore. Smelt (if your a member, make sure to use ring of forging) runescape gold and then smith into iron 2 handers until level 30. (Keep the left over iron ore for later use)
Estimated Amount Of Time: 30 minutes.

Money Making Option(s): Iron smithing is a great profiter for lower level smithers. At level 22 you have the ability to make Iron Knives. These knives sell anywhere from 27-30 gp each & are often used as a means to powertrain range by many. One bar produces 15 knifes so, 15 x 30 = 450 gp profit per bar. (Excluding the price of the bar if you bought it)

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