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We have compiled a lot of the best ways to get rs gold for you . We have ranked the ways in an hourly rate order, ranging from the most profitable per hour to the least. Since Christmas Holiday Season is drawing near, you may lack rs 2007 gold cheap for the Christmas Event. You can collect these ways and take them into practice.Please follow me !

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When Baking potatoes it is estimated that you can get a profit of about 150,000 coins per hour. In order to bake potatoes you should make sure that you are using a range, not fire. Additionally, you need to have level seven cooking. The main investment here would be money, as no other requirements are necessary for that. Ultimately you are looking at gaining an experience of about 17,000, along with the coins you will earn. Being one of the most profitable ways if not the most profitable, killing Zulrah will generate over 2 million coins an hour and estimating that you can kill him around 20 times each hour. Every time Zulrah is killed it drops around 150,000 along with a unique item which allowing you to collect and sell it from huge profits.

However, there are several requirements to fight Zulrah:

1. You must have Magic and Ranged armor, Ranged weapon, and Magic weapon.

2. Having some runes will definitely help for vengeance spell.

3. Aside from the huge monetary profit you can earn thousands of combat experience.

Actually, Baking Potatoes & Killing Zulrah are the two best and desired ways to make rs gold quickly, smoothly and efficiently. Once you meet the requirements, you can take these ways into practice. There is no doubt that Christmas Event will need a lot of rs gold to support. If you don’t have enough time to make rs gold through quests, you can choose to buy it on rsorder without much effort and get 80% discount-Christmas rs gifts .Dear friends ,do not wait any more !

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