Love In The World: All Of Chuangxinjia Staff Raised Money For A Colleague Whose Father Suffered From Heart Disease


Chuangxinjia , top ten network business throughout the world, is not only standing out in e-commerce industry, but keen on various public charity activities. The new member Ms. Yang’s father suffered from heart disease and was in urgent need of money for the operation, on hearing the unfortunate news, the chairman of Chuangxinjia Mr.Wu led all of the company colleagues to collect money to help him pull through. Eventually, Ms. Yang’s father recuperate with the help and support of company members.

9th December, 2016, all company personnel gathered at the big meeting room to hold the donation ceremony. First of all, the company chairman Mr. Wu talked onstage about the actual situation of Ms. Yang’s family and the seriousness and urgency of sudden heart attack to Ms. Yang’s father, and hoping all the persons present reach out to help him tide over the difficulties. Then everyone gave his/her own love to the collection box with a solemn attitude in order and gave comfort and encouragement to Ms. Yang, in the hope of their colleague’s father recovering soon, finally, Ms. Yang went onstage to express her appreciation for all company staff, “facing the unfortunate encounter, I had no idea of what to do and how to do to solve the current thorny problem, I felt very helpless and despairing, but fortunately, peopleappeared at this time and gave me enormous support and help, at the moment I am extremely excited and grateful, your kindness I will always remember in heart, thank peoplemuch again!” Ms. Yang said. In such a loving donation ceremony, tears filled everyone’s eyes, wishing Ms. Yang’s father an early recovery.

Below are some donating pictures: the first photo is a group photo of chairman Mr. Wu and company colleague Ms. Yang, it was shot when they spoke onstage.

“Rainy days will probably come to everyone, all of us should give others a hand when they are in difficulties, we were all willing to do what we can to assist our colleague to pull through”, company members who donated said.

Heart disease is always so suddenly and unexpected, perhaps peoplefeel well a second ago, but peoplenever know what is waiting for peoplethe next second, this is the race between life and time, fairly well, just don’t know what will happen the next seconds, this is the race of life and time, although the disease is relentless, there is love in the world, love exists in Chuangxinjia. This time, company colleague Ms. Yang’s father suffered from a sudden heart attack, and was badly in need of operation fee, therefore, Chuangxinjia organized the donation activity and everyone reached out.

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