All my good stuff i did legit on runescape3 is gone

You can tell you are a complete retard at runescape when you talk about getting level 30 str att by killing 2000 chickens when you can do a quest in 30 minutes for the same thing. If runescape stayed the same as OSRS is now forever it would probably be quite successful. Go to karajama on f2p world there is like 500 bots fishing lobbies and also any location where there is a yew tree lol and members you can’t even get a spot at the red chins.. Dude my main i had 8 years got banned, I had the runescape3 account tied to my oldschool account and was botting cause, I am not 12 years old and dont have time for that anymore, then i made another free world oldschool account got to like lvl 70 banned again so I quit. I don’t have time to do that hours on end like when i was young. I am about to buy an account so I can pk thats all i wanted for old school. The Runescape Gold GENERATOR Updated on: December 19, 2016. Connect. Cheat Now ON 2007RunescapeGold.COM. Finish Cheat. Success! Cheap RS Gold Generator Resources Generated. My one account i had 8 years is perm ban, so all my good stuff i did legit on runescape3 is gone, only reason i botted on oldschool is because runescape3 is gay and i dont have time to do all that over again.

Botting is against the rules. What’s the point in playing the game if you’re just gonna automate it? I used to bot, but then I actually played, and it’s FAR MORE REWARDING. TARD. All bots do is steal from those who actually do the work.

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