Hillary Clinton Supporters Call For “Healing” As Electoral College Casts Final Votes

More than 66 million Americans voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election and a growing number of them are proudly, and peacefully making their voices heard.

Washington, D.C. – Many Americans struggling to regain their equilibrium after witnessing Hillary Clinton lose the White House to Donald Trump are hoping for a miracle that would alter the election results. Some hoped the Electoral College would adjust their votes on December 19 to change the outcome of the election, and make Hillary Clinton the President of the United States. Others, feeling left behind and silenced, are sincerely concerned with the future of the country. One group has chosen to focus on the “bigger picture.”


A passionate coalition of Americans started Popular President 2016 in an effort to help the nation heal by sharing an important message of solidarity. They’ve put their “Popular President 2016” graphic on mugs, cell phone covers, badges and eco-bags to give Hillary supporters a way to peacefully speak up. Much like the iconic “HOPE” logo from the Barack Obama campaign, the colorful Hillary Clinton: Popular President design has struck a chord with citizens who want to unite. The company is also offering T-shirts, printed pillows, and elegantly framed artwork at the PopularPresident2016.com website.


“Americans who voted for Clinton, and not Trump, can display their ideals proudly with the classic design we crafted,” said Richard Maynard, a spokesperson for Popular President 2016. “These items also make great gifts because a portion of each purchase contributes to charities that share these philosophies.”


Popular President 2016 believes our country has become divided by the election results, but have faith that most Americans were with Hillary and believed in the family values she stood for. They hope to stay on the path of hope and build on the accomplishments of the outgoing administration.


One of the reasons their graphic has resonated with voters, say staff, is because it offers an expression of “peaceful” opposition while allowing freedom of speech. Censorship is a concern after Trump’s comments about shutting down parts of the Internet and his threats to sue news organizations. Popular President 2016 promises to use portions of their product proceeds to support the charities and journalists that may be “under siege” in the next four years.

“We are going donate 50% of the EBITDA to the charities listed in our video,” says Richard Maynard. “We call them the Oliver 8 + the ACLU.

Despite the political debate and controversy, Popular President 2016 wants to extend an olive branch to the Republican Party. They would like to support the GOP and encourage them to closely monitor this new regime, for the good of all Americans.

To contribute to this cause, or buy merchandise that will support this effort, please visit PopularPresident2016.com.




About Popular President 2016 :

We wanted to share these designs as a way to keep the dialogue active, and to help in the healing. Trump may have won the White House, but Hillary won the People. We will donate to worthy groups such as the ACLU, the NAACP, Planned Parenthood, MALDEF, MRDC, and ProPublica.



Richard Maynard

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