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Hello there, and I will to write a thieving guide to 99 in Runescape. Many people Now a days think that thieving is really a skill that takes forever to get runescape gold . We’ll I’m here to tell you the ways that you can get thieving in a speedy amount of time. Leveling method that for 99:

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Level 1-5 – Level 3 men/women. Really the only thing you can pickpocket(Runescape Gold).

Level 5-25 – Cake stall. You’ll want to save these cakes, for future thieving leveling or you can sell them.

Level 25-38 – Warrior Women. You can found this was the next best thing to pickpocket while your leveling. Use cake from 5-25 is helpful.

Level 38-55 – Master farmers. These farmers are very good xp. They can also be great Runescape money if you get lucky on the seeds, and you dont have to right click to pickpocket, even better.

Level 55-61 – Knights of Ardougne. That leveling(Runescape powerleveling) to 99 the best and most efficient way was to only pickpocket from these knights until 61, then you moved onto pyramid plunder. It might be just cause you lack of patience for one thing.

Level 55-99 – Knights of Ardougne. Though you didn’t do it, I’ve read many places that people say the XP from knights of Ardounge is just as good as pyramid plunder. I’m just listing it for some options if you don’t like plundering. Welcome to Mmooffers!

Level 61-99 – Pyramid plunder. This is what I liked best, and what I would recommend to everyone that doesn’t like sitting and pickpocketing one NPC all day. To start pyramid plunder, you will have to have started the Quest, Icthlarin’s Little Helper. The Mini-game is located in the desert city known as Sophanem.

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