Airwheel E Series Electric Smart Foldable bikes Satisfy Travel Expectations of People

In daily life, people have all kinds of travel expectations, such as commute journey on workdays, weekend trip and some others. People hope for smooth travels. However, their wish can’t be realized most of the time. After all, the traffic jam and crowded passersby of big city in rush hours make people be difficult to move even a single step. Actually, they select wrong transports. If people would like to choose Airwheel E-series electric bikes, travels become easy and relaxing. Under this series, there are two bike types, E3 and E6 smart electric folding bikes.

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The double-ring of Airwheel E3 electric folding bike and X-shaped body of E6 are the bright spots, which give people a sense of beauty and strong load capacity. The folded E3& E6 backpack electric bike can be easily put in the exclusive bag and taken to many small spaces. People can fold or unfold them anytime and anywhere. In other words, people can use them at will. The equipped lithium-ion battery just weighs 1.4kg. More importantly, it is swappable, which makes unlimited range be possible on the precondition of taking some spare batteries.

Generally speaking, Airwheel E3&E6 smart electric bikes are able to cover almost all of travels in daily life. As commute transport, they help people avoid traffic jam in rush hours and take them to destination smoothly. As a tool for weekend trip, people can relax themselves and enjoy the time. Besides, for some other travel requirements, they also can perfectly cover them, such as going shopping or supermarket, having dinner in the nearby restaurant or meeting friends in the downtown.

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Actually, Airwheel E3&E6 foldable electric bike stands for a healthy and green lifestyle. City traffic becomes looser, while the air quality is much better. People’ travel expectations are satisfied and thus their happiness index will be soaring.

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