The production of expensive outdoor furniture

Outdoor solid wood furniture products for its unique natural beauty,black stackable restaurant metal dining chair has always been in the outdoor furniture store occupies an important position. Now, more and more valuable wood materials have also been small for outdoor solid wood furniture manufacturing, many of which elm furniture, gold silk Phoebe furniture, and even camphor wood and other small categories of solid wood furniture

Production enterprises in the processing of such outdoor solid wood furniture, you need to pay attention to a variety of issues. Industry experts said that the final quality of these outdoor furniture and tree species is not much relationship, more importantly, the level of technology. Elm furniture,ceiling clothes dryer rack there are many elm furniture on the market, both modern elm furniture, there are traditional Chinese-style elm furniture, very popular with consumers.

Because the elm is a common northern timber, furniture made with elm more common, consumer acceptance is high. But there are claims that elm furniture, the relative density is low,wicker french cafe bistro chairs compared to other wood furniture prone to deformation. But the fact is that whether the deformation of the furniture depends on the degree of drying wood and process, if handled well, elm furniture, the performance is relatively stable.

As elm has a long history of use, the factory for elm dry degree of control is not bad, compared to the new development of unknown performance wood is better. At the same time, for the production enterprises, the raw material is not the old elm fact does not matter, as long as the production process,dry cloth rack the process control is good, then the consumer will naturally choose such a superior quality outdoor furniture. Xiangzhangmu furniture, incense camphor wood furniture is not too much, and the camphor wood furniture materials for outdoor is rare. Camphor wood to pest control moth, used to store clothing is very convenient.

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