The Taber Abrasion Tester Helps to Determine the Wear Resistance of Structures

The Taber Abrasion Tester is a device that helps to determine the wear resistance of all kinds of structures.

Daojiao, Dongguan, – Dec. 20th, 2016.

Testex, a leading developer and manufacturer of textiles testing equipment today announced its new product, the Taber Abraser. The piece of equipment is finely manufactured with high precision in mind to help players in the textile industry determine the wear resistance of all kinds of structures. Taber Abraser can help determine the structures of fabrics, leather and rubber, paper, metals, paints, plated surfaces, coated materials, and glass, etc.

Testex has once again proved it unwavering support for the textile industry by introducing this product to the market. A spokesperson for the company says, “We are ready to become your service provider of choice and assist you with everything you need for testing.”

The Taber Abraser uses the X pattern of abrasion produced by a rotary action of a pair of abrasive wheels. The Taber Abrasion Tester is furnished with a full range of auxiliary weights, specimen, abrasive wheels, wheel refacer, and vacuum unit.

The Taber Abraser is guaranteed and tested according to German standards of quality which are regarded as the best quality in the word. Made strong and durable, the Taber Abraser is designed to work with any material one wishes to determine its resistance to wear.

To learn more about the Taber Abraser, visit the company address at No. 65, Dist. 2, Dabeiwan, Changpin, Daojiao, Dongguan, 523000 P.R. China, or the website at You can also reach the customer support for more details through Tel: + 86 – 769 – 2329 4842, Fax: + 86 – 769 – 2329 4860, or Email:

About Textex

Textex is a leading developer and manufacturer of textile testing equipment. They have been in business for two decades and a half and have earned an excellent reputation for developing and manufacturing textile testing equipment. Textex has worked closely with several universities and international organizations around the world and has become the preferred provider of testing equipment to Government organizations, labs, and Universities.


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