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As we all know, Labyrinth is runescape gold an interactive adventure in RS. However the design of Labyrinth aroused a heated discussion on social media. Who is responsible for the damn labyrinth? In the face of the player’s question, Jagex has given some explanations.

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The intention of the large open maze

A large open maze so you could explore a labyrinth where the movement is itself the puzzle. Interspersed along the way are the interactions between the gods which includes a whole wealth of lore and stories that should intrigue and provide useful hooks going forward.

The goal was to make something tricky, that wasn’t impossible and to design it in such a way that those who really couldn’t want to solve it, would be able to just use a guide and get through to the story.
There will be a “Quick Path” leading you to the goal

On replays, Jagex intends to create a “quick path” option which will just simply be a quick path of interactions leading you to the goal. Drawback with this is that it won’t be possible for you to let one of the other gods get through the door first.

As for replays, Jagex intends to allow you to choose what interactions you encounter and in what order. This will means you can see the cutscenes you missed as well as any you accidentally clicked out of.
Mazes will not be used in future content

In future designs Jagex strongly against using mazes in future content. Whilst mazes are a staple of fantasy puzzles, it’s fairly clear that they don’t appeal to our audience, so Jagex will encourage people to reconsider in future.

Time is stationary until you move through a door which means you can stop, check your mini map and orientate yourself carefully. Jagex would encourage you to take a break if you are stuck and come back to it when either there is a guide. To be honest, it’s worth to trying. BTW, you can buy cheap runescape gold for sale at RSorder with up to 10% bonus.

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