Airwheel E3 Intelligent Folding Electric Bike Always Makes Rider a Focus on Road

In rush hours, it is frequently seen that many vehicles are slowly moving forward like snails. Indeed, traffic jam really makes people crazy. Sometimes, they even spend several hours and thus being late will happen now and then. Now, there is a travel transport that can help people to avoid congested traffic and let them weave on road freely. It is Airwheel E3 <b><a href=”″>electric folding bike</a></b> . When it takes people and runs on road, they are always focus. <b><a href=”″></a></b>

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On the basis of traditional bike, Airwheel E3 backpack e bike has achieved great innovations. It is made from high-quality and light materials, which paves the way for light weight but strong load capacity. The double-ring design improves the sense of beauty as well as folding function. When riders want to fold it, two tyres just fill in the rings. The customized 8-inch tyres possess wear ability and road holding ability. The adopted low-consumption rubber is good for increasing speed and range. In addition, the equipped 300W wheel motor perfectly integrates electric power unit, transmission unit and electric brake unit into the wheel, which ensures strong and stable driving force. In the meantime, it is much smaller and thinner than ordinary bike. Thus, it is able to weave among narrow corridors. If it encounters congested traffic and many cars moves slowly, it will pass through them very quickly. The riders gain envious sight on road. <b><a href=””></a></b>

Some people may care whether riding Airwheel E3 smart electric folding bike is safe or not. The answer is very safe. On the one hand, the small figure is easy to control. On the other hand, it is equipped with intelligent EBS brake system. Airwheel innovates C-AT vehicle control system, which will offer the best brake scheme so as to ensure riders’ safety. From now on, people can ride E3 and run on road confidently.

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