Baglic™ Explaining the Proper Way to Choose a Tennis Elbow Brace


Many customers do not get the most possible benefits from using elbow braces. Many of them return the elbow braces or they stop them before see real results. Most of these returns could be avoided by following these simple tips.

1. Chose the right size. The brace must fit comfortably and never should be over or under tight. As a general rule, customers should measure the widest part of the forearm and select the correct size based on that measure. That is two fingers wide below the elbow joint. However, people with big arms such as weightlifters, should pay attention to the brace openings.

2. Chose the right material. Elbow braces comes in many materials. Most common materials are neoprene, nylon, spandex, and a combination of materials such as latex silk, silica gel, nylon, and spandex. Neoprene material is more durable and flexible but at the same time it’s prone to retain sweat. Also some people may develop allergies to neoprene. Nylon braces are stronger and do not retain sweat as neoprene however, they are less flexible.

3. Also important when selecting an elbow brace, is how it compresses the elbow area. Some braces are similar to tights, while the compression is almost uniform around the arm, with normal use, those braces tend to reduce its rebound elasticity or compression force. Others braces use a special strap who can be adjusted to the right pressure. More sophisticated elbow braces include a pressure pad, made of silicone gel or similar material that provides constant pressure over the injured tendons, like a finger on a guitar string.

About Baglic Tennis Elbow Brace

Made from 10% spandex, 38% of nylon, 12% of import latex silk, 40% of silica gel ISO134585 tested materials are free from any toxic and adhesive chemicals, the Baglic Tennis Elbow Brace is safe for general purpose use for elbow pain relief. It is designed with the highest quality standards and technology to ensure the elbow receives the proper pressure at all times. Firmly and gently adjust to the contour and size of the arm providing warmth, and light support to alleviate elbow pain. The product also comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee.

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