Common ground decoration materials are the following

1, wood flooring: is a traditional ground material. Wooden floor simple and generous, flexible walking comfort, beautiful sound insulation,Environmentally friendly WPC floor higher prices, is a more advanced ground decoration materials. Stone: stone flooring is mainly natural marble and granite. They are elegant and gorgeous, decorative effect, but the price is expensive, is a senior ground decoration materials.Outdoor WPC Flooring Ceramic tiles: ceramic tiles durable, colorful, easy to clean, fire, corrosion resistance, wear, light texture than stone, so a wide range of applications. Floor coating: a strong adaptability, low prices, color varieties, construction and convenient features.

2, plastic flooring: compared with the coating, carpet, plastic flooring better performance, adaptability, corrosion resistance, walking comfort, color varieties,Porch Composite Railing Ideas decorative effect is good, and affordable. Carpet: pure wool carpet texture is fine, soft and flexible, beautiful and noble, but expensive, and easy to mold moth-eaten. Chemical fiber carpet light weight, wear-resistant, flexible and Jiaogan comfortable, colorful and lower than the price of pure wool carpets. Sun room pictures

3, ceiling decoration materials, different functions of the building and construction space requirements of the ceiling material is not the same. Ceiling decorative materials are gypsum board, plaster decorative sound-absorbing panels, gypsum decorative sound-absorbing panels,Durable Composite Flooring Manufacturer Mineral wool decorative sound-absorbing panels, PVC plastic ceiling, metal micro-perforated sound-absorbing panels, decorative mineral wool decorative plate, Expansion perlite decorative sound-absorbing panels.

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