India Mattress Market Overview

Navi Mumbai, India: Market Report on India present the latest report on “India Mattress Market Overview”, Indian consumers even prefer buying from international brands whenever they think of high quality and contemporary product.

This report gives an in-depth analysis of mattress industry in India. The Indian mattress market is tightly in the grip of the unorganized sector, led by the street-side shop and the local ginner. Mattresses from this unorganized sector usually use cotton filler as it is the cheapest of the many options that are now available and thus the choice of the masses. However, organized sector is now growing with rising demand of good quality mattresses among Indian consumers. Today, Indian consumers even prefer buying from international brands whenever they think of high quality and contemporary product. Growing residential units is creating a demand for mattresses all over the country. Also, every new hotel requires hundreds of beds and mattresses and this particular industry appears to be thriving owing to an increase in the construction, real estate, and tourism & hospitality sector.

According to “India Mattress Market Overview”, the overall mattress market is growing with a CAGR of 8.20% from the last five years. The organized mattress market encompasses of three types of mattresses namely Coir, PU foam and Spring mattress. Spring mattresses are increasingly being preferred over coir and PU foam mattress. By end user, organized mattress market is divided into two parts namely residential and institutional. Both residential and institutional demand is growing in India with the increasing awareness regarding various mattress types and brands. Among various sizes available, King size mattresses are the most preferred one and comfort is the important factor while choosing them. In India, mattresses are broadly sold through two mediums, one is offline and other is online. Offline mattress market consists of retail sales of mattresses from various stores all over India whereas online mattress market consists of sales through e-commerce websites. Indian consumers usually go to store and feel the mattress by touching or sitting on it. This is how they decide the comfort level of mattress and take their decision which makes the offline mode of distribution more popular.

Globally the mattress industry has advanced and there are many international brands with technologically superior products available in the market. But, the mattress industry in India is far behind. This is primarily because Indian consumers are unknown about the significance of using a mattress or they are ignorant about the fact that an investment in the mattress is an investment for one’s health. Globally, majority of sales is in the spring mattress segment while in India the spring mattress category is at a very nascent stage. Indian consumers are yet to taste the best technologically advanced sleep systems. But factors like favourable demographics, changing life styles and increase in disposable income make this market an attractive one.

Key Product Types
• Coir Mattress
• PU Foam Mattress
• Spring Mattress
• Others

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