Hut Coins for Andrew Ladd Dropped Performance

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When New York Islanders lose their two main offensive players, Kyle Okposo and Frans Nielsen, there is big hope on the shoulder of Andrew Ladd. However, Ladd doesn’t fulfill the expectation of all people. As the player that successfully scored great record last season, with 25 targets and 46 points from78 games, in Islanders, he become one of worst player ever played on the field. With $38 million contract, this shouldn’t been happened. More than that, the statistic he made when he play for Islander is one of the worst, at four ambitions, 3 assists and – 10 rating.


Jack Capuano, head coach of New York Islanders said the he will shuffle the lines and going to put Ladd on the bench to give him shock therapy, so he can restore his previous performance.


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