Oak flooring consumption errors

Oak flooring is an important market in recent years, incremental floor varieties,High Social Benefits Of Wood-Plastic Floor consumers of its unique texture color and stability of product performance is very popular, but do not understand the product characteristics and quality, to the quality of the envisaged standard to buy , The result is often a lot of money but the effect of poor embarrassing situation.

To this end, to remind consumers to buy oak flooring must pay attention to seven consumer misunderstanding. 1, solid wood flooring is not environmentally friendly,The Ecological Value Of WPC To Know How Much there are consumers that natural wood contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, combined with the veneer between the multi-layer bonding, oak wood flooring in the high formaldehyde content, not environmental protection.

In fact, the solid wood flooring formaldehyde emission control as long as the provisions of the national standard, you can rest assured that use. 2, the excessive pursuit of the same texture, oak flooring is a natural wood products, trees due to planting different locations, different factors such as sunlight,Low maintenance garden decking the wood color is not the same. In addition, even the same wood sawing down the plate, due to the location of different saws, the color depth, wood texture will not be the same, so there is objectivity oak wood floor pattern and uneven pattern, which is a natural phenomenon, do not have to Excessive demanding color consistent.

3, the pursuit of the plate do not want to buy paint board, some consumers believe that the board is genuine oak wood flooring, and cheap, and their own money to paint can save part of the processing fees,best outdoor waterproof flooring in Sydney but I do not know their own paint may cause floor contamination, Paint quality can not be guaranteed and other issues; and the paint plate is the factory through the mechanization and automation of the higher production line operations, greatly reducing the pollution, making products more environmentally friendly

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