India Personal Care Appliances Market

Navi Mumbai, India: Market Report on India present the latest report on “India Personal Care Appliances Market”, The report covers the detailed insights of the hair care appliances, hair removal appliances and oral care appliances market in the Indian market.

India personal care appliances market encompasses into four major segments i.e., hair care appliances, hair removal appliances, oral care appliances and other personal care appliances. Personal care appliances are designed for maintaining personal grooming on daily basis. India is the second most populous country with 1.34 billion people, just after China. With 356 million 10-24 year-olds, India has the world’s largest youth population despite having a smaller population than China. With having huge youth population, India serves the opportunities for the market for the personal care appliances, which is mainly youth driving market. India personal care appliances market is witnessing sharp increase with the fabulous growth in demand for personal care appliances.

The report covers the detailed insights of the hair care appliances, hair removal appliances and oral care appliances market in the Indian market. The report includes the depth segmental analysis along with the value analysis of personal care appliances. The report also mentions the competition of leading companies that are involved in the manufacturing of the various personal care appliances. The report also provides an idea on the product, variant, and pricing analysis of each of the product available in the personal care appliances market. Customer preferences and purchasing decision parameters towards the personal care appliances have also been examined and recommendations have been provided for the new entrants in India. The report is extremely useful for foreign players, new entrants, e-commerce players, hyperlocal players, distributors and wholesalers of personal care appliances as well as importers of personal care appliances.

Hair care appliances market includes the products such as hair dryer, hair straightener, and hair styler. Hair removal appliances category involves the products such as trimmer, power shaver, epilators and other products such as hair clippers, body groomers, face stylers, etc; whereas the products like electric & battery toothbrush, oral irrigators, plaque removals belong to the oral care appliances category. In terms of end user, the report provides depth analysis of female grooming products, male grooming products and also the appliances which are unisex. Moreover, there is also a comprehensive analysis of the personal care appliances sold online as well as offline in India. The report also provides the global outlook for each and every segment of personal care appliances along with the value analysis of the market in geographic regions.

According to “India Personal Care Appliances Market Overview”, personal care appliances market has showcased marvelous growth in recent years in India. The key dynamics impelling the demand for personal care appliances are growing standard of living, increasing disposable income of youngsters, and more importantly high emphasis on personal appearance and desire to look unique. India personal care appliances market has registered the CAGR of about 24% over the last five years (2010-2015). Currently, hair care appliances segment is contributing for the largest demand within the personal care appliances market.

Youngsters from metro-urban areas are the key end user of the various hair care and hair removal appliances in India. Moreover, modern retail chain and e-commerce portals are rapidly gaining popularity, and are expected to be a largest selling channel for personal care appliances in India. Foreign and domestic companies are operating the personal care appliances market in India and making endeavor to penetrate the market through innovation and product development coupled with competitive marketing strategies. Philips and Panasonic are the prominent players in this industry, while Conair, Braun and Wahl are imported personal care appliances brands in India. Domestic brands such as Nova, Vega, etc are selling hair dryer, hair straightener, hair styler, trimmer, etc at low price points as compared to Philips and Panasonic.

Key Segments
-Hair Care Appliances Market – Hair Dryer, Hair Straightener, Hair Styler
-Hair Removal Appliances Market – Trimmer, Power Shaver, Epilator, and others (Hair Clipper, Body Groomer, Face Styler)
-Oral Care Appliances Market – Electric & Battery Toothbrush, Oral Irrigator, Plaque Removal

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