Neverwinter also features an exchange

Neverwinter Astral Diamond Since Neverwinter launched on Xbox One back in March of this year it has become a huge success for both Microsoft and Cryptic Studios. With over 2 million current users it has become the largest MMO on the console and is also free to play to boot. Executive Producer Rob Overmeyer recently took to the team’s official blog to discuss some of the changes coming to the game’s Astral Diamond currency on Xbox One to make it easier to earn diamonds and level out the game’s economy as well.

If you’re not familiar with Neverwinter the game has two separate forms of currency in the form of Astral Diamonds (in game) and Zen (real cash). These two work hand in hand and Neverwinter also features an exchange where you can trade in Astral Diamonds for Zen if you have enough time to play but not the money for the prototypical “pay to win” mantra. As time has gone on the Xbox One version of Astral Diamonds has changed leading to some players complain about the high prices compared with lack of ways to earn enough for items.

Mr. Overmeyer spoke on some of the changes coming to the Xbox One version of Neverwinter in an effort to smooth out the game’s currency. This takes some time though as he notes managing one game’s economy is hard enough but two which work together is even more difficult as changes to one need to not negatively impact the other. The first big change that Cryptic is making is the inclusion of a 50% increase in Astral Diamonds for all daily and weekly events llike PvP dungeons and skirmishes which will result in an immediate increase in Astral Diamonds in the game.

Of course other changes will be coming if the studio sees fit but for the most part both economies have co-existed well since the game’s launch in March. We’ll keep you updated on any other changes coming to the game as we hear them.

Neverwinter is available now on both Xbox One and PC.

Neverwinter boasts a ton of content right off the bat. A lot of this has to do with the game having been out for over three years on PC – PS4 players will have access to everything from the start. That includes all nine expansions currently out plus a tenth one Storm King’s Thunder due out shortly after PC release. Yes it is easier for developers to release updates on PC and yes that means you’ll have to wait a little longer to get new content on consoles but that’s just the way these things go. Cross-platform play is also not available here. There are several campaigns to conquer each of which will take several hours to complete without rushing through them. There are eight playable classes to master though you may have to pony up some actual cash if you want to unlock extra slots so you don’t have to make the tough decision to wipe a character.

Mapping an MMORPG control scheme to a home console controller is never an easy task. Cryptic Studios did an admirable job here. Neverwinter’s control scheme feels a little odd at first glance since you use the shoulder buttons for your At-Will skills which are basic attacks. Then again RPGs like Dark Souls III and Bloodborne have us well-trained on using the shoulder buttons for main attacks so it’s something you’ll quickly get used to. There are also Encounter skills which are more powerful attacks and have things like cooldown timers attached to them. Calling these involves holding the L1 button down and pressing a face button (X is devoted to jumping) while holding L1 and pressing a directional pad button handles the more custodian functions of the game such as bringing up your inventory the map invoking (a periodic loyalty boost) and chatting. Overall the control scheme is a little awkward but definitely not to the point of frustration.

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