Best 2017 New year for Girls — Airwheel Z5 lightweight urban electric scooter

Beautiful rose or romantic candlelight dinner is out of date. What girls want is a lovely thing that is not only fashionable and practical, but also can accompany them every day. Airwheel Z5 fast electric scooter is designed for girls, which enjoys exquisite appearance and quick reaction. The one that can meet above features is Airwheel Z5 lightweight electric scooter. Although two equipped 8-inch tires are quite small, they give out a strong sense of power. Truly, they have better traffic ability and grip. Thus, they are adaptable to many tough road conditions.

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What is more, Airwheel Z5 also has replaceable battery unit. In other words, if the battery runs out, riders can replace it with a full one, which, actually, lengthens the range infinitely. Airwheel Z5 is also equipped with an adjustable handle and girls can regulate it according to their height so as to gain the most comfortable riding experience. At the same time, Z5 foldable electric scooter asks for very small parking space because of its multiple fold system. Z5 can be road within seconds. Just bear these steps in mind. Turn the power on and step on the pedal one foot by one foot. Turn the right handle to go forward. Hold the hand brake to brake. Get off from the pedal one foot by one foot.

They prefer riding Airwheel Z5 electric standing scooter to go to school or company to riding a bicycle or driving a private car. After all, traffic jam in rush hours really makes people crazy. They are also willing to ride it to meet good friends and go shopping together. On weekends, they also would like ride it with their boyfriend to enjoy the beautiful nature. By and by, girls will find that their life can’t do without Airwheel Z5 like they can’t be separated from you.

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With fashionable appearance, strong driving force, unlimited range and easy storage, Airwheel Z5 electric scooter makes girls love it so much that they want to be with it anytime and anywhere.

In addition, Airwheel brought its new products C6 motorcycle helmet, C8 Racing helmets, F3 Drone to participate in the 2017 CES, these new products attracted a lot of consumers. These products also represent the future development trends of smart products.

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