Dog Owners Get A Boost From Residential Dog Training Experts, Dog Ramblers

Training a dog to do what you want it to do has always been a challenge, but thanks to Dog Ramblers, the professional residential dog trainers, it might be about to get a lot easier. The company is now offering a broad range of services designed to reform the behaviour of problematic pooches and improve their obedience, with the aim of bringing dogs and their owners closer together.

Peter Hargreaves, the man behind the operation, has more than 25 years’ experience working with dog breeds from all over Europe. “Every day,” he says “I help people and their dogs throughout the North and Central England to get back on the right track by providing effective and practical behaviour training and advice.” Hargreaves’ experience stems from his work with military dogs, scenting and tracking dogs, gundogs and dogs of all ages. He’s dealt with a huge variety of problems in dogs, including things like barking, indoor toileting, destructive behaviours, biting and separation anxiety. With so much experience under his belt, there are very few people in the country who are better positioned to improve the relationship between owners and their dogs.

“We are a family business,” Hargreaves says. “My focus is always to … empower you to get the most out of “your best friend” and therefore live a very happy and fulfilled life together.”

Key Products

As part of his mission, Hargreaves has put together some of the best residential dog training programmes in the country, based on the latest research into dog behaviour and psychology. His premier dog training service right now, and the one that he is most proud of, is his premium residential package, which incorporates elements from all of his most successful training packages. “My Premium Residential Dog Training Package,” he says, “allows me to work closely with your dog in the correct environment to train him/her to a high standard using my many techniques.” This package is ideal when owners are going to be away from their animal for an extended period of time, perhaps during a vacation. Professional training means that when owners return, they can expect to be greeted by a reformed dog, and not one wracked by anxiety.

Dog Ramblers are keen to point out that the older the dog, the more difficult it is to reverse behavioural problems. For that reason, they recommend that owners contact them as soon as possible if they suspect that their dog might be having issues.

Many of the behaviours that dog owners assume are normal aren’t, Hargreaves notes. This includes barking every time a car goes past the window or biting, even if it doesn’t hurt. “Nevertheless, just as an older child can be taught to modify their behaviour through careful choices of rewards and penalties,” Hargreaves argues, “so can an older dog.”

Residential Training At Its Best

It should be pointed out that Dog Ramblers don’t just cater to worried dog owners: they’re also experts in other areas including gun dog training (training dogs to remain obedient while out in the field), scent nose training for the security services and dog boarding where dogs get “a real home away from home.” You can find out more by visiting their website.

Peter Hargreaves
Address: 85 Elmers Green, Skelmersdale, WN8 6SG, UK
Telephone: 0777 676 1289