Choose an Airwheel Fashionable Smart ebike to Reflect the Good Taste

To lead a fashionable life, some people pay attention to their dressing code and look. But even the way of getting around may reflect their taste. Traditional vehicles cannot demonstrate the traits and personality of the new generation. Airwheel, an established company in developing new types of intelligent vehicle knows what the young generation want. Here’s a list of the coolest Airwheel intelligent vehicles to help young people to get around.

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Cool guys may prefer a standing operating way to sitting. In this case, Airwheel standing up electric scooter Z5 may cater to their needs. Z5 has integrated the sports features of the skateboard. It is small and nimble to shuttle through the crowded streets. If luxury cars can show its owner’s status and wealth, then Airwheel Z5 can display its riders vigor and vitality. Riding the efficient vehicle for work will not get riders sweaty in any season. Powered by electricity, Z5 can reach an maximum speed of 20 km/h.

The next vehicle is recommended for female riders, the folding electric bike E6. It is rather a mini and elegant vehicle for girls. The vehicle has adopted a trendy and patented body design in an X shape. The customized 8 inch tire is very cute. The vehicle itself weighs 14.15kg and is bearable for girls to carry around. E6 is extremely handy and has a one key to fold function. The main body, saddle, handle bars and pedals can be all folded. The battery for E6 is swappable and integrated with a USB port. Riders can use the battery to charge other electric devices when they finish riding. It’s really a useful function when riders’ smart phones run out of electricity.

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Both the two vehicles can be fully folded and taken onto public transportation system. Airwheel electric standing scooter Z5 and foldable electric bike E6 can highly improve daily commuting experience and the quality of living. Riding the two vehicles to get around will make people the trendsetter and spotlight on the streets.

In addition, Airwheel brought its new products C6 motorcycle helmet, C8 Racing helmets, F3 Drone to participate in the 2017 CES, these new products attracted a lot of consumers. These products also represent the future development trends of smart products.

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