Airwheel electronic folding smart bike R5, traditional and modern

In the sector of electronics, the ever-changing market is full of increasing competition. Any firm who intends to gain its footing in the market must keep itself innovative to be competitive. Once it loses the advantage of innovation, it will be left far behind its competitors. So does the sector of electronic scooters. Airwheel has been gaining its footing in the sector of electronic scooters with the help of its spirit of keep innovative. Actually, to be modern is not necessary a best way to keep innovative. At times, it is another way to keep innovative to back to be traditional. Airwheel newly developed electric assist bike R5 bears a strong testament to this statement.

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Airwheel electric moped bike R5 are between traditional modern. Different from previous e-bikes by Airwheel, Airwheel R5 adopts the design of chains like the traditional bikes. That is why it looks traditional. This is not the whole story, for it keeps its previous electric mode—Airwheel R5 is powered by electricity and at the same time it supports human mode. When the rider get off work and feel tired because of strong pressure from work, he could opt to use the electric mode. This mode will require no force from the rider. The rider can enjoy the easy riding without any labour. If he wants to work out, he can use the human mode. It saves much time and also serve to help the rider do exercise.

When it comes to its parameters, Airwheel city electric Bike R5 is still a magnificent vehicle. Its max speed reaches as much as 20 km per hour. With a full charge, it can cover some 100 km, which is sufficient for the one-day commute in the city. The power-assisted mode and the manual mode offer more options to the rider. Another draw of Airwheel R5 is its portable battery. The versatile battery can be used as power source of R5 and be used as a movable battery source for the mobile phone of the rider.

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