China ‘s old elm furniture industry

In the furniture industry has entered a steady development, double color folding chair also quietly transition. Tu Qi in view, the development of China’s old elm furniture industry started from the pursuit of the number of scale to intensive quality changes.

As of the end of last year, China’s furniture industry for five consecutive years to become the world’s largest furniture production and consumption.tri-fold beach lounge chairTu Qi: the first three quarters of 2013, large-scale enterprises to complete the main business income of 450.926 billion yuan, 466,056,400 pieces of production, the cumulative profit of 24.153 billion yuan of the industry .

The profit growth of the old elm flower industry exceeded the growth rate of the main business income, and the investment in fixed assets maintained a growth of 25.4%. The growth rate of the loss narrowed and the quality of economic operation was further improved. Since 2013,market table bistro the government has adopted stimulus policies and administrative measures to gradually reduce human intervention in macroeconomic development, simplify decentralization, expand the scope of “pilot change” pilot and improve the living environment of small and micro enterprises continue to release the policy of reform and innovation dividends .

For the smooth operation of the furniture industry has injected new vitality. Furniture industry market development, channel diversification, electricity providers to become hot. Since 2013, foreign trade market uncertainty, the development of new market capacity reduction,best folding table for camping the traditional competitive advantage by more challenges. Furniture industry and related industries mutual penetration, cross and reorganization, industry integration has in-depth development trend. Production and research integration process to accelerate, product design by an unprecedented attention.

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