Gaggle Mail – The Best Way To Stay In Touch

Gaggle Mail has launched their online site and offers personalised email solution where you can easily stay in touch with the group via email easily. We had a detailed discussion with the officials and here are quick excerpts from the interview.

Reporter: How much Gaggle cost?

Official: Well, the plans start at $10 per year.

Reporter: How does it work?

Official: Well, it is a very simple process to start using Gaggle. You need to enter your email address and select an account to create a login. Once logged in, you can create your list and start using the services.

If you want to create your account, you just need to enter your name, e-mail address, and pick a password. Once done, you need to add contacts and start using the service.

Reporter: Can you elaborate…?

Official: You can customise the display area and the appearance of the display. For that, you need to allow the new members to sign up directly from the webpage and customise the look and feel of the dashboard or display area.

There are many features present in Gaggle for your benefits and convenience. You can view the delivery reports to see if the messages are being received at the other end. You can also use our custom domains services to personalise your messages.

It is indeed a very powerful tool where you can run your own listserv smoothly. Within a few clicks, you can get your own permanent group email address and get a searchable message history with delivery reports for every message. You can easily keep track of what’s going on. So, if you run a community club, sports club, church group, or book club; you can trust on the group email service of Gaggle.

You need to visit and start your free trial today. You can also import and export members for convenience purpose.

Reporter: I am little confused about the custom domains aspect…

Official: For example, if you have the Gaggle mail address and you own the domain and want to start using, you can create the email account with the email provider for your domain.

Once this is done, you can set up email forwarding for the address you want to forward from the domain email address to the Gaggle email address.

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