True Crime Actor “Henry Louis Adams” stars in Investigation Discovery’s Newest Smash Hit Crime Show “Murder Calls”.


Mr. Adams is known throughout the True Crime arena for his wildly exciting lead roles telling the stories of some of the most intriguing high profile murder cases in history.  Adams, has appeared on several True Crime shows for networks such as TV ONE and Investigation Discovery. Some of his most notable roles were when he played “Derrick Yancey”, “Jean Pierre Devaughn”, and “Terry Camper” for TV ONE’s smash hit show” Fatal Attraction. Now, in his a lead role for “Investigation Discovery” he will star in the networks newest smash True Crime shows “Murder Calls” in episode 105 which tells the story of “Antoinette Chase”. The episode is entitled “Hanging by a Thread”. Adams character “Spencer Chase” and his wife “Antoinette Chase” played by Rhonda Clark takes you on a thrill ride of adventure, mystery and murder in this heart pounding True Crime episode. The show will air on Monday February 13th at 10 PM EST on Investigation Discovery dubbed the “ID Channel’.  Adams says “To tell the story of Antoinette Chase” was bittersweet”. “I think that people want clarity and debt to what can cause a situation like this to happen in a seemingly perfect environment”. Adams said.


Murder Calls

Series Synopsis:

Across America, more than 200 million 911 calls come in every day. Investigation Discovery’s investigative series Murder Calls unravels the mystery behind terrifying 911 calls and the truth that led to each fateful call, proving just how quickly good times can go horribly wrong.



Show Synopsis “Hanging by a Thread”: A man finds his wife with a cord around her neck and makes a heartbreaking 911 call, pleading for someone to save his beloved; then this story of love and loss is complicated by a missing phone, crime scene clues and a mystery man.


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