Vital Information For People Travelling To Liberia

Liberia has been catching the attention of a lot of travelers all around the world. This country is located in the west coast of Africa and it comes with a generally hot climate. The summer arrives with Harmattan harsh winds. Pepper Coast is known as the most populated place and it comprises full of luscious mangrove forests. The name Liberia stands for Land of the free or liberty. This colonized country was freed with the help of United States of America and today, different cultures are becoming part of this great land.

Agriculture and farming

You can find the famous Firestone Plantation in farm land and it is filled with beautiful green flourishing crops. The wonderful sight of fields dancing according to the tune of the wind is an inspiring one. If you have not seen large scale agriculture or farming, it is going to be mesmerizing experience for you. Many people mix with the locals and they experiment with the farming methods being employed in this part of the world.

Highly attractive and well preserved national parks

The Sapo National park has always been one of the major attractions for the tourists. The national park is preserved with utmost care because Liberia gets bulk of its revenue through tourism. The services of English speaking guides are a great help for the tourists and these guides show people around different locations including the hidden treasures. These parks contain trekking or nature trails within them and you can explore all these areas when you visit the national parks.

Exciting beach activities

The Silver beach can be described as a must visit place. This long stretched beautiful sandy beach is hugely famous for its cleanliness and it offers amazing opportunities for visitors to indulge in the ocean. If you want to go for snorkeling in crystal clear waters, you cannot find a better location. If you are interested in learning the art of snorkeling, you can seek the help of diving instructors.

Old fashioned but unusually attractive Tai and the wonderful Tai National Park

Tai National Park is one of the rare rain forests remaining in Africa. The 50 meter-high trees and silent streams along the path make this park truly unique and it is also filled with rich and varied wildlife. Many times, you can see a chimp or gorilla jumping from one tree to the other. This park is located in the unusually attractive little town of Tai and you can hire a mini bus or bush taxi to reach this place.

Other major attractions in Liberia include Basilica de Notre Dame de la Paix and Mount Nimba and, you can also find beautiful restaurants that serve highly delicious dishes. There are some well decorated massage centers and health and wellness studios for people who want to revitalize and channelize their energy. Liberia does not disappoint shopping freaks and you can purchase a lot of things at affordable prices. If you want to know more about the things to do, shopping destinations, restaurants and hotels in Liberia, you can click on this link


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