Delray Swim, Booty Bedazzling Bikinis

Why be moody when you can shake your booty in a Delray swim bikini.


At Delray Swim our aim is to gratify our customers with cute swimwear that’ll make your behind pop. Our bikinis range from S- XXL and in the future hoping to expand into curvy swimwear. Different colours and styles will be available to suit everyone. These products are guaranteed to make you fall in love and to choose more than one. At a reasonable price – you can’t go wrong!
Written by Ella Hyland, Delray Swim.


Sydney, NSW, February 16, 2017
The new range of swimwear from Delray Swim provides every day, normal sized women an opportunity to feel sexy and cute in affordable bikinis. As a curvy girl, my aim is to make every women of any age or size, feel comfortable in these bikinis and to show that anyone can absolutely slay in one. The idea behind Delray Swim came from looking around at how many girls don’t like themselves or feel they can’t wear a bikini because of stretch marks or scars and etc. In saying that our brand is here to not only sell cute, affordable bikinis but to establish self-confidence, self-love and pride when wearing Delray Swim. (and not forgetting to make you feel like a total badass) they’re simply bikinis you can’t get enough of!


Why choose Delray Swim you ask? “Delray Swim is just a small business in a competitive market of swimwear. We have made our range affordable but still providing you with good quality swimmers and keeping you in trend.” Said Ella Hyland, founder of Delray Swim. “I may be young, but I have to struggled with my weight.” “It gets you down at times but I’m glad I’m a curvy girl, you have to embrace it, and everybody is beautiful.” “So my quest is to provide curvy and skinny women or in that matter, every single body shape and size, to feel amazing in themselves and I hope my brand will help women think that about themselves, so when they stand in front of the mirror with a Delray Swim bikini on they can say to themselves “Damn girl who are you?”


Delray Swim bikinis are now on my website, feel free to go and look at my products they will be ranging from $35-$99.
If you have any inquiries or questions please do not hesitate to get in contact with me.

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