Did You Know These Facts About Sneakers?

Since the trend of fitness and health has picked up across cities, there is a rising number of fan following registered by sneakers. To make things more interesting, here are a few more things a die-heart fan should know about these:

  1. Nike Lost In The Ocean: Do you know that in 1990 a large shipment carrying 80, 000 Nike shoes from Korea to US was lost. Apparently, an oceanographer called Curtis Ebbesmeyer found several Strike Force, Pegasus, and Air Solo Flight floating here and there after that. He is of the opinion that if you can follow these shoes you can always track down the currents in oceans.
  2. Jordan’s Saturday Releases: Out of all Jordans are always launched on Saturdays so that kids wanting these do not need to skip their schools to have these. But somehow, now many skip their schools to line up for these shoes.
  3. Adidas Logo Origin: Adidas’ Three Stripes logo is supposed to speak to the three children of Adidas author Adi Dassler. It’s fortunate adidas wasn’t established by Shawn Kemp.
  4. Chuck’s Best Sellers: Speak Chuck Taylor All-Stars, initially promoted in 1917, are the untouched smash hit shoes, with aggregate deals nearing 600 million sets. With Wiz Khalifa incorporated, it’s more like a billion.
  5. Jordan Adidas: Michael Jordan needed to sign with adidas in 1984, not Nike. He was a self-depicted “Adidas nut,” and told his operator that if the arrangement was even close he’d sign with them. Obviously it wasn’t.

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