A Gesture By A Dallas Car Dealer Shows That The World Is Better When We Care About Things

Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love, and I would like to highlight an example.

We all know that Valentine’s Day is a day where love and care dominate. It represents a day where love is spread and where passion is created. But most of all, a day where all of us should unite to a better tomorrow – and that doesn’t mean couples, families and friends only – but businesses as well.

A solid proof that Valentine’s Day can be a great day for our community comes by a dealership and its generous donation to the Dallas Police Department. If you are able to recall, the protest that occurred in Dallas, TX last year resulted with injuries in police officers – but also substantial damage to the fleet of police vehicles.

Luckily, one car dealership association knew how to make most of this situation – and made a generous donation of around $1 million dollars donated as 14 brand new Chevy Tahoe SUVs to the police fleet in Dallas, Texas. The gift was officially presented to the DPD Chief David Brown – and one year later – still stays as a gesture that makes us think about Valentine’s Day and how giving a gift called love and caring for the community may entirely change it.

Despite the police ambush that happened in July last year, this generous gesture by the Car Dealers Association stands as the act of love that made the event memorable – and changed the negative with positive feelings.

At We Fund Car Lots, we best know how important business loans to car dealers – and took this chance to once again highlight the need for care and love in our community. That is why I, Stacy Shaw, the Media Director at WeFundCarLots.com shared this idea in order to promote a state of love and compassion for those who need it most.

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