Whodini Blak To Release Debut Independent Endeavor Tomorrow





Whodini Blak To Release Debut Independent Endeavor Tomorrow


Tomorrow, Monday, February 27th, the rising independent hip hop artist Whodini Blak will release his debut studio effort, a dynamic single entitled ‘Built 4 Greatness .’ The release marks Blak’s first solo commercial single, since he has previously recorded mixtapes and worked in various collaborations. The track will be released via Only One Media Group, Blak’s own indie label and publishing c ompany.

Blak has been an active member of the music industry since 2001, drawing roots back to his prowess as a trumpeter in his school days. He later cut his teeth with Cash On Demand and Reb7rth, two different collaborations, the latter of which was an international project that created an eclectic fusion of alternative rock and hip hop.


In more recent years, Blak has released music with a duo called No Longer the Hero, an experimental rock and hip hop pursuit. Since 2013, Blak’s own media house, Only One


Media Group, has debuted a series of impressive releases that have garnered tens of thousands of listens and fans o nline.


‘Built 4 Greatness’ comes on the heels of Blak’s debut mixtape, ‘No Dayz Off,’ which was released in


May of 2015. The performer intends to continue to release solo material and perform live. Citing diverse influences the likes of Bizzy Bone, 50 Cent, Linkin Park, Michael Jackson, and many others, Blak’s own music is injected with a bevy of unique sonic stylings quite unlike any other artist in the independent hip hop scene today.


Whodini Blak’s new single, ‘Built 4 Greatness,’ is due out tomorrow on Soundcloud and Audiomack and worldwide on all major digital music outlets for stream and download on March 3rd. The single was performed and written by Blak and produced by Bobby Stixx.


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Facebook.com/WhodiniBlakin3D | Twitter: @WhodiniBlakin3d


Soundcloud.com/WhodiniBlakin3d | Reverbnation.com/WhodiniBlak


Instagram: @WhodiniBlakin3d | Snapchat: @WhodiniBlakin3d


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