Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics – Where Education Meets Technology

There is no denying the fact that India is among the fastest developing nations of the world. Be it technological or any other area, the country is witnessing a continuous wave of development in all the sectors. When talking about the technological advancement, development is occurring at a tremendous pace. The result of this are multiple satellites that are launched by India every year and adoption of latest technology to make the citizens of India in par with the world. A field that holds huge scope in this regard and is seeing continuous advancement in India is Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing.

Geoinformatics and remote sensing is becoming the new trend in the education industry in India. Geoinformatics is the science that uses data and information to solve the problems of geography, cartography, geosciences locations and related branches of science and engineering. And, remote sensing is the science of using satellite or some sensor based aircraft technologies to detect objects on earth. The use of remote sensing has been in numerous fields like geography, oceanography, hydrology, geology, and also land surveying. The other spheres where it is of help is military, commercial sectors, economic planning, etc.

Although this field is seeing tremendous development there is a scarcity of skilled labor in it. And because of this, the geoinformatics and remote sensing department holds a great scope in India. Tapping on this scope and interests of the individuals, there have been many educational institutes providing courses like MSc in Remote Sensing. One such institute that has proved time and again that it is the best when it comes to geoinformatics sector is Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics or SIG. Situated in Pune, this college aims at providing the best education when it comes to geoinformatics and remote sensing. Established in 2004, this institute bears the reputation of providing the world with individuals who become a pioneer in this field. A student who studies here becomes trained in such a way that they are able to solve real time problems of natural resources, infrastructure, mining, etc.

SIG does not only aim at providing education but also training and development of the mind-set of the citizens so that they become a pioneer of this field. When we talk about careers, a person with a degree of MTech in remote sensing and M Sc. in remote sensing, has a wide variety of career opportunities like jobs in government and private sector, research scientist, geology analyst, technical assistant, etc. Seeing the wide potential, pursuing this course is a profitable move by anyone who is interested in this field. And Symbiosis with its quality education and expert training services is the best destination for them.

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