What Will FIFA 18 Be?

Another consistent tendency to recent FIFA shows comes in the type of player AI, which after being ignored for a long time, eventually has a fitting level of visibility in the priority list of EA. So those are the three things we call will undoubtedly, possibly occur, but with our hats that are dreaming on, what would we like to find in FIFA 18?

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Dynamic Weather
It’s been rumoured for years and it when there’s a time to ultimately execute dynamic weather in FIFA! But if EA can use dynamic weather using a light touch, it might be game changing for setting and the concentration of matches. How great would it be to see to find the light changing as it is naturally obstructed by clouds, or as the sun goes? The possibility of screenshot eye candy alone is enormous.
That transition would make playing on these reasons a little more feasible, as any lighting contrasts might not be present for the length of the match if there is a system which subtlety changed glaring sun to overcast over the length of the 90 minutes.

As I mentioned at the start, EA would need to be ultra-cautious to get this right, and offer appropriate alternatives to turn away it for competitive play. For anyone willing yet to experience a more altered in-game look and feel, dynamic weather may function as final bit of the FIFA jigsaw that is visual.

Team Strategies
As I’ve mentioned EA have made a lot of changes, but one area of substantial negligence has consistently been team strategies. In the event that you have played FIFA as long as I ‘ve you’ll understand that choices available, and several of the sliders have been mostly the same for nearly ten years. To give EA credit that base has not yet been built on, and at times you’ll be able to fight to feel the effect of the changes, although we did get new alternatives for individual player functions within the Group Direction UI refresh you’ve made.
Will it appear better?

In a nutshell, yes – but don’t anticipate an enormous development. It’ll be powered from an identical engine.

Talking this past year to Dream Team Gaming, Frostbite Studio Manager Jonas Skantz shown I can guarantee you that Frostbite is still an actual differentiator.”

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“With more and more games whether it’s others – our development teams can spend more hours constructing new groundbreaking gameplay inventions or FIFA, Battlefield, Mass Effect.”

FIFA 17 was the initial game in the collection to be powered by Frostbite – which replaced the last year Ignite used. While images took a noticeable boost in 2013, particularly player and facial cartoons, subtle developments will be seen by FIFA 18 as it’ll run around exactly the same Frostbite 4 engine.

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