Soundproof Windows and Framed Glass Doors in Pune

Before attempting to understand the ergonomics of specified soundproof windows and framed glass doors, it is necessary to diversify between specifications for standard frames and specifications for specified soundproof frames.

First of all, any given window or framed glass door will offer a certain degree of sound attenuation; whether this degree of attenuation is adequate or poor is another issue. Within the European Union, standard (run-of-the-mill) windows and framed glass doors are regulated by law to provide a minimum acceptable degree of sound attenuation. Though specifications from country to country vary slightly, on average, standard frames are required to provide a minimum sound barrier of anything between 20 and 30 db, depending on whether the frame is installed in a quiet or urban area. If the occupant requires a higher degree of sound attenuation, then the seeking of advice for the installation of a proper specified Eternia soundproof window or framed glass door should be considered.

It should be noted that for every increase of 6dB in sound attenuation, the effectiveness of a soundproof barrier is doubled, meaning that the apparent volume of sound leaking through the barrier is cut by half. A difference of 12dB therefore, means 4 times the sound attenuation, and 18dB, 8 times the sound attenuation, etc…

Specified soundproof windows and framed glass doors for domestic applications usually start at a minimum specification of around 33-34dB, and can extend to a maximum performance of around 51dB (for a single window / single door system). In order to achieve high performance in noisy areas, a specification of not less than 40dB is recommended.

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