Global Food Traceability Markets

The global market for food traceability technologies should reach $15.1 billion by 2021 from $10.7 billion in 2016 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.1%, from 2016 to 2021.

This study aims to provide a thorough analysis of the global food traceability market. Specific coverage of key technology, service segments, applications and end-use market coverage areas are described in the Scope section of this chapter.

The primary intent of this report is to provide an in-depth analysis of the food traceability market to enable its readers to make effective decisions. This report also addresses the key growing market areas with promising future opportunities and long-term growth. Further objectives of this report would be:
-To identify and categorize key market segments of the food traceability market, including equipment, services, technologies and applications.
-To determine and evaluate core market dynamics and their impact across geographic regions.
-To derive forecast figures for the key markets from the years 2016 to 2021.
-To analyze and investigate key opportunities for a secure growth in a competitive environment.
-To discover and distinguish specific trends which vary according to geography.
-To profile top companies in the industry.

Globalization has become an essential way to bridge the gap between demand and supply, which in turn expands international food trade. However, this expansion has also increased the threat of contamination of food products, bioterrorism and contagious diseases. Therefore, food traceability is becoming a crucial, inevitable tool against such devastating outbreak of diseases such as avian flu, mad cow disease, foot and mouth disease, or other potential hazardous health consequences. The growing consumer awareness has forced manufacturers to adopt food traceability technologies within their supply chain processes. Food traceability is also perceived as an important part of quality control, which helps with brand enhancement by the manufacturer, thereby leading to consumer retention. Although consumers were initially skeptical about privacy, widespread awareness has had a significant impact. The report covers the recent technological innovations that have been adopted, which have significantly enhanced market growth. This report also focuses on the strategies implemented by the key market players to strengthen their market presence.

The market is categorized based on equipment, technology, software, services, applications and end user markets. Key markets intended to be covered include smart PDA with GPS, thermal printers, 2D and 1D scanners, durable labels and tags, sensors and others. The report also encompasses key technologies like barcodes, RFID/RTLS, GPS, infrared technology and biometrics. Service segments may include online traceability services, technology integration services, customized services and others. Key application areas comprise of meat traceability, fresh produce and seeds, dairy products, beverages, fisheries and aquaculture and others. The end user market will include food manufacturers, warehouse/pack farm, food retailer, defense and security departments, government departments and others.

This report focuses on the following topics:
-Market analyses and key findings.
-Strategic recommendations.
-Regulatory framework across geographies.
-Market dynamics at the macro and micro level markets.
-Market forecasts from 2016 to 2021.
-Market intelligence, competitive dynamics and recent developments.
-Key profiles in the industry.

This report would be useful to the entire security solution industry including:
-Equipment manufacturers, distributors and vendors of food traceability solutions.
-Software developers.
-Consultants, technology and system integrators of food traceability technologies.
-Food retailers and end users.
-Sensor companies and others.
-Regulatory bodies and government agencies.
-Research oriented agencies and financial analyst communities.

The findings and conclusions of this report are based on information gathered from both primary and secondary research sources. The main sources of material include data associated with industries and interviews conducted with the respective markets. Secondary sources have been useful for this report, including industry journals and publications, product literature, white papers and technical journals, and financial reports for industry suppliers.

The base year for analysis and projection is 2015. With 2015 as a baseline, market projections have been developed from 2016 to 2021. These forecasts are based on a combination of a consensus among the primary contacts combined with our understanding of the key market drivers, and their impact on historical and analytical perspectives. The analytical methodologies used to generate the market estimates are described in detail in the market analysis.

This BCC Research report, Food Traceability: Technologies and Global Markets, has been prepared after extensive research using quantitative and qualitative methods. BCC Research collects data through a variety of primary and secondary sources, including, but not limited to, interviews with industry vendors, white papers, business journals, public financial proceedings and historic market data from the internet. The market data were assessed and validated, considering interrelated market attributes and the impact of global economic variables.

Furthermore, the market for each type of food traceability technology is ascertained using a bottom-up approach through extensive research by application and region. Finally, the global market was ascertained.

Estimated values used are based on manufacturers’ total revenues.

The global market is divided into five regions as mentioned below:
-North America: The United States, Canada and Mexico
-Europe: From Greenland (Denmark) to Russia and from Norway to Greece
-Asia-Pacific: From Afghanistan to Japan and from Mongolia to New Zealand
-South America: From Guatemala to Chile
-ROW: Entire Middle-East countries and entire African Region.

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