How can I delete and recover the Outlook mails?

Outlook which is normally used for email application and apart from mailing facility it includes calendar, contact manager, note taking, journal etc. If you are Outlook user then you are capable to send data & documents up to 20GB. Through this you can easily create your signature and make it fabulous while inserting business card, hyperlink, adding a picture etc.

Benefits of Outlook

  • We can use outlook for various purpose as a same way it can be use for schedule calendar. Through this you can organize your daily, monthly, yearly task.
  • The outlook offers you best platform to create a task in an effective way & as well as track them.
  • The Outlook user can easily saves their files and documents in .PST & .OST formats.
  • Whatever the files and data are saved in this, it will totally protected from virus and spam.
  • Through this you can easily manage your contacts. The users can import their contact from other emails, electronic business card and so on.

Once you start your fresh Outlook account on that time you have sufficient space to receive the messages but meanwhile after couple of years this will not remain same. May be you are not able to receive the mails due to overflow of messages. So time to time delete your all unwanted emails to free up the space. But if you didn’t have any idea how to delete the messages form outlook then follow the steps below to overcome of this problem.

  • Assure that the Folder pane is extended. For this purpose click the arrow at the top left of pane.
  • Then click on folder which you want to delete.
  • Once you click Delete option then it will ask “Move everything in this folder to your deleted items. Then click Yes
  • Here your all selected items would get deleted.

Mostly it happens by mistake some messages get deleted from our Outlook account. Obviously this is a very embarrassing situation for any of the user. So first of all look into the deleted items folder. If isn’t anything there, then no issue here I am sharing some of the points to overcome of your problem.

  • First of all move to your email folder list and click on Deleted items.
  • And when you find the message, right click then click on Move then other folder.
  • If you want to move the messages to your inbox then click ok.

Still facing any technical glitches, don’t hesitate to make a connection with Outlook technical support experts.