Long-lasting Marketing Tools with Abacus Printing’s Stainless Steel Plaques and Banners

Melbourne-based printing company Abacus Printing provides metal signs and plaques and banners to clients seeking long-lasting, cost-effective marketing options and wanting to display their qualities.

[Melbourne, 24/5/2017] – Abacus Printing, a complete-service printing company, provides clients metal plaque and banner printing services to give them long-lasting marketing tools. These print materials are durable and very visible giving clients a cost-effective way to reach a wider audience.

Banner Printing

Abacus Printing’s banners are printed on durable vinyl suitable for outdoor marketing. They can be easily cleaned with water and can last at least a year outdoors without fading. Compared to fabric banners, vinyl banners can have brighter vibrant colours.

For tie downs, Abacus Printing can prepare banners with eyelets. For banners on poles, sleeves can be placed on the banners. Abacus Print recommends the use of banners for events and other promotional purposes.

Plaque Production

Abacus Printing offers metal (stainless steel or aluminium) plaque production for a professional or prestigious marketing approach. Abacus Printing’s plaques or metal tags can be made with a broad range of materials including stainless steel, aluminium, even plastic options.

The text and design of the plaque can be engraved, printed, paint filled or acid etched. For a more formal look, plaques can be given a cloisonné finish. Aluminium plaques can be anodised to make them resistant to corrosion and to improve colouring. Moreover, for detailed designs, ink jet printing can be done.

Applications of plaques include mobile homes’ bullbar, agricultural equipment’s pumps, even display cabinets.

Job Specifications

Abacus Printing asks their clients to provide the material design in the following formats with fonts outlined:

High-Quality PDF
Adobe Illustrator CS5
Adobe Acrobat version 8

Lower versions of Illustrator and Acrobat will be accepted, but higher versions will require conversion. The printing company asks that the files be sent via e-mail or yousendit.com or through sending CDs or DVDs.

About Abacus Printing

Abacus Printinging is a Melbourne-based printing company. Its products include promotional items, labels, signage, fridge magnets and other business materials. Abacus Printings’ services start from providing quotation up to the delivery of the printed materials. They use their industry expertise to aid customers during the material conceptualisation phase. Their proximity to the freight corridor allows them to send clients’ requirements quickly.

For more information, visit their website at https://www.abacusprint.com.au.