Saudi Arabia Personal Protective Equipment Demand Spurred by Regulatory Reform

Saudi Arabia Personal Protective Equipment Market: Snapshot

Saudi Arabia has been undergoing radical evolution in generating awareness on worker safety over the past few years. The high number of worker accidents in the region have prompted the industries as well as the government to raise the bar on safety standards and implementing these standards as strongly as possible. This impetus in worker safety awareness forms the primary driver for the increasing demand of personal protective equipment in Saudi Arabia.

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Of all the key upcoming government regulations to be implemented in Saudi Arabia regarding worker safety, the oil and gas industry has been the foremost in it. This industry contributes to a large chunk of the Saudi Arabia GDP and is therefore focused on with a higher priority.

Additionally, the implementation of stronger regulations is expected to be complemented well by the increasing number of safety product approvals in the region.

However, key players can get sidelined by the number of local players that provide cheap safety products. This is eating into the research and development budgets allotted by the more prominent players by forcing them to cut costs to maintain market volume share. The sales of personal protective equipment are also hampered by the reducing number of workers due to the growing rate of automation in Saudi Arabia industries.

The Saudi Arabia market for personal protective equipment is expected to expand at a CAGR of 7.0% from 2015 to 2021 in terms of revenue. This market revenue is expected reach US$444.2 mn by 2021, after being projected at US$318.7 mn by the end of 2016.

Eastern Province Continues to Show High Personal Protective Equipment Demand

Owing to the presence of a large number of boroughs and a very high number of Saudi Arabia locations of oil and gas production, the eastern province has shown the leading demand for personal protective equipment. By the end of 2021, the demand for personal protective equipment in the eastern province is expected to have generated US$233.6 mn in revenue. This region is considered to be one of the key regions for the global chemical industry due to the presence of several of the world’s leading chemical providers, including Nama Chemicals and Saudi Aramco. A large number of these companies operate in both the chemical sector and the oil and gas sector and therefore demand for a large volume of diverse personal protective equipment.

The Central province with is a large number of oil and gas companies along with transportation and construction industries, and the Western province with its large number of end-use industries, cater for a lot of the remainder of the demand for personal protective equipment in Saudi Arabia.

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The demand for personal protective equipment in the Saudi Arabia oil and gas industry has consistently been the leading one over the recent past. This high demand is expected to grow even further over the coming years, due to the upcoming implementation of stricter regulations regarding worker safety in the oil and gas sector. By the end of 2021, the oil and gas sector is expected to contribute US$175.0 mn of the total Saudi Arabia personal protective equipment revenue.

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Meanwhile, the demand for personal protective equipment in the pharmaceuticals industry in Saudi Arabia is expected to grow at a very high rate. This is attributed to the massive surge in demand for hand protective gear and respiratory protective gear.

The top providers of personal protective equipment in Saudi Arabia include 3M Corporation, Honeywell International, Ansell Ltd., Avon Rubber Plc., MSA Safety, E.I. DuPont De Nemours, and JSP.