BiopharmaVantage acts as Advisor for AIM-listed Investors in their Investment into DNA Services Business

BiopharmaVantage is pleased to announce that it has acted as advisor for a top AIM listed investment company in its investment into a DNA based services business. The client, the investment company is a prestigious organisation involved in the funding and commercialisation of life sciences businesses in the UK.  The investee company is an emerging company that offers DNA based services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostics companies and academic institutions.

The lead Advisor from BiopharmaVantage managing the engagement commented: “The DNA service business is a very attractive area to be in, considering majority of therapeutics, prophylactics, diagnostics and research tools are based or derived from them. The application of such services is likely to increase significantly in future. We believe our client to be optimal investors in this business as they bring exceptional expertise of nurturing and growing healthcare and life sciences businesses, which is a key success factor for the investee company, who is seeking next phase of growth.”

This engagement follows BiopharmaVantage’s continued success in providing commercial due diligence services to healthcare and life sciences investors.

About BiopharmaVantage

BiopharmaVantage is a consulting firm that specialize in providing commercial due diligence services to healthcare, life sciences, medical devices, diagnostics and related sectors investors. If you would like to explore how we can assist you, then please contact us.

Contact: Julie Kalash, Business Development Manager, BiopharmaVantage, Oxford, UK