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Keith – Game Producer of Swtor swtor credit recently replied a lot to the treads of Swtor players. And we just learned that they would not add Tier 5 to Swtor Galactic Command from Keith. And when buying Swtor Credits, don’t forget Swtor2credits.

What is the specific content about the response from Keith?
Besides the news about the new game update Swtor 5.2.2 from Keith, from whom we also have learned a lot of other news recently. For example, he has responded the question about Tier 5, and he said for the record that they had no plans to add Tier 5 levels/crates to GC Swtor anytime soon.
In addition, he also promises to address their gearing vision for the coming year after he announces the Roadmap of Swtor.

What do the Swtor players think of the response from Keith?
The response from Keith is greatly appreciated by all the players before they talk about the content of the response. And they thank a lot for the clarification, for the response was not just silence but very clear. he didn’t leave it for speculation.
Some players are very happy that they have no intention to add a new tier to Galactic Command and would like to see the Roadmap soon.
Certain player also advised to adjust the PvP prices to make gearing process a little faster and let tier tokens drop from all NiM bosses once again.

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