Lectrifi Wirelessly Powering The Internet of Things

Innovative developer of Wireless Power Transfer technology addresses key challenges of wireless power sources for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Lectrifi Limited, the Hong Kong based R&D innovator is pioneering the way in which electronic de-vices are powered as technology advances towards meeting the evolving demands of consumer lifestyles and business efficiencies in pursuit of a world without wires.

Wireless Online Tech

Internet Wi-Fi technology has been a major factor behind the explosive advancement of smartphone and tablet innovation. Connecting to the internet without the restriction of wired connectivity has created a multi-billion dollar global industry, giving life to an emerging wave of innovation as new heights are reached with existing players.

Internet of Things

In a world where the Internet of Things (IoT) knows no boundaries, Lectrifi’s wireless power solutions are poised to facilitate a new world of possibility in a next generation industry that is set to transform the way in which consumers and businesses power their day-to-day functions.

“Recognizing how the Internet of Things has already shaped how the way the modern world works, we are able to build on our R&D heritage as we develop wireless power solutions in line with the specific needs and eventual capabilities presented by this exciting IoT opportunity,” commented Lectrifi’s Chief Technology Officer.

“Our goal is to develop and integrate a standard wireless technology capable of powering the ever growing lifestyle demands of general consumers, as well as automotive and medical applications.”

Working in partnership with leading electronic manufacturers and R&D developers, Lectrifi Limited’s collaboration initiative has so far produced a number of breakthrough applications as common household appliances are integrated with cross-compatibility attributes to facilitate a network of power and data transfer communications from one device to another.

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