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Due to The Inferno being such a huge success and a very good update to OSRS. We have decided to make sure that our runescape 2007 gold is as low priced as possible. It is no secret that here at, we are huge fans of The Inferno. It is one of the best players vs monster modes we have seen in any MMORPG and judging from your comments and the amount of videos dedicated to it online, you guys think it is awesome too.

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Beating The Inferno In Old School Runescape

For those who are lucky enough (or should we say skillful enough?) to make it all the way to the end and earn the respect of the Tz Haar. You get the epic, Infernal Cape. Which by the way as of right now is the best in slot melee cape in the game and anyone who wears it is sure to be respected by any player that they encounter. When we see a player wearing the Infernal Cape, which is not actually as many as you would think. We have a huge amount of respect for them.

In all, we feel that The Inferno is one of the best things to be added to Old School Runescape in quite some time. It is challenging, but it is also just a ton of fun and the reward you get for completing it, The Inferno Cape makes all the effort and cursing you did at your monitor while trying to do it, well worth it.

Have any of you guys beaten The Inferno? If you have, we would love to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks for coming to and make sure you have a good look and see why we are the best place to safe buy osrs gold online.

Recently, Jagex will make a fewmore tweaks to click-boxes of some objects. One is to expand the click-box of the mounted Amulet of Glory as well as various seeds found on the ground. Other is to expand the click-box of the first obstacle on the Seers’ Village agility course.

Other OSRS Update

1. You can now toggle this FPS display in-game by typing ::displayfps.

2. A second confirmation has been added when trading in a Fire Cape for Tokkul.

3. The option to trade with other players has been removed whilst in duels. This is to prevent recent scams.

4. The number of teleport scrolls dropped by Zulrah has been increased from 1 to 4.

Right-click travel options have been added to the Dwarven Ferryman and the Dwarven Boatman in Keldagrim.

5. Eluned has been given a right-click option for recharging teleport crystals.

6. Added the option to never see the confirmation message again when accessing the Monkey Madness II Crash Site.

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