Black jacket with what scarf


Why so do many people choose black clothes? Because of lack hundred, black clothes are also relatively thin, before I think black dress autumn and winter season is suitable to wear, but now the four seasons can wear black clothes.

The whole black system, autumn, and winter can not be lack of scarves, scarves may choose a bright color system, such as a black plaid jacket neck design is more suitable for matching scarves, loose large version of the design is very thin, the jacket with a wine red scarf, can be a fine scarf, knitted scarf compared to the neck to become a bright spot.

A black jacket or a black sweater or a black dress can be accompanied by a bright scarf. Bo clan black dress with a cotton hemp scarf, cotton hemp comfortable soft, can be a scarf group in a piece, become a scarf, such dress in the autumn and winter season not only let black exudes luster, also let the whole more temperament.

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