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Today sees a new event kick off within the Golden City: Aiding the Exile.Speak to the shady lurker by the Menaphos front gates to get started collecting Menaphite coins, earned as you train runescape gold for sale and combat or skills within Menaphos itself or the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon.You’ll get +20% Menaphite coins training Mining, Thieving, Fishing or Woodcutting. Please note, however, that you won’t be able to earn currency Daily Challenges, as these can’t be handed in within the city.

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You can unlock some sweet rewards, including magic carpet rest and teleport animations.If you need to catch up, or just fancy speeding things up, you can purchase Menaphite coins with Runecoins at the Rewards Store.Please note: since the event is set only in Menaphos, we have made the decision to remove the daily cap on earning Menaphite coins. RuneCoins will be refunded for any cap extenders purchased within a few days – keep an eye on your message centre.Magic Carpet Rest Animation Magic Carpet Teleport Animation.

First are the quality of life changes to RS available in RS3. For example, the skilling action interface automatically crafting every item in your inventory rather than having to click a needle, click a leather, select what to craft… repeat… click an herb, click a vial… over and over again, it’s just unnecessary repetition that is not fun. Bank presets are amazing. Soul Split, Blood necklaces, legendary pets, summoning pets and many other things that allow you to extend trips to bosses or slayer training for so much longer allowing you to do more of what you enjoy, less not fun stuff like running to the bank to restock.

Second, the PvM (PvE), with ability based combat you can have much more interesting and engaging boss encounters. Combat is just so much more fun for me this way. Combat takes skill and planning to know what abilities to use when. Bosses have abilities which you learn to counter / respond to. It’s not just use a prayer that makes you invulnerable to an attack style and switch prayers, but use abilities to stun the boss to stop an attack, or use an ability to save yourself from an instant-kill hit.

Now as far as other games go… There are no other games like RuneScape. You can find other games that have a similar camera angle, or click to move, but that’s not what makes RuneScape what it is. RS is very unique in a genre of its own. It’s a sandbox that has it’s fair share of grind, with a huge variety of ways to train each skill (not all being efficient). It has quests that range from short shorties to huge adventures that take you all around the entire game world. It has a large variety of content that is accessible and fun at many level ranges, you don’t have to be maxed out to get into bossing now a days, you can do God Wars 1 with 70s in your combat skills. And much more that I just haven’t found another game out there that is similar to RuneScape. And to be honest, I really don’t think that another game can be made like RS and be successful.”- jb_hazed

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