A skirt with what shoes


A skirt with Roman strap flats

It should therefore not be underestimated how stylish the Roman bandage is made up of only a few bands. Although the height can not be like high heels for you to increase the height, but it is simple to design, as well as wear to up completely bare instep can be visually high, and also more convenient than high heels, the romantic summer vacation amorous feelings and wear up the stunning effect of the average girl can not refuse.

A skirt with canvas shoes

Canvas shoes are the standard of the student party and always symbolize freshness and vigor. Is also the summer cannot be missing one of the small freshness collocation.

A-word shirt with two-piece sandals

Summer wear is mostly comfortable. Two-piece sandals are simple and perfect for digest whether it is flat heel or high heel a and a skirt collocation.




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