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A new event – Aiding the Exile rs gold for sale was just released on June 19, 2017, and after the latest RuneScape Update, Tunks RuneScape has a pet Malcolm. What can you do within the new event? Are you familiar with the pet Malcolm? Please follow us to learn all of them and get cheap RS gold.

Join in Aiding the Exile to get Menaphite Coins
As the Aiding the Exile event kicked off in the Goldern City, you can begin it by talking to the Shady Lurker, who is by the front Gates of Menaphos and an exiled Citizen of Menaphos. And he will requires you to collect Menaphite Coins for his client, who needs a lot of them for unknown reasons.
In order to get Menaphite Coins you can train combat or skills in the Golden City or the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon, especially you can get extra 20% coins by training Mining, Thieving, Fishing or Woodcutting. Besides, you can buy more coins with Runecoins at the Rewards Store.

The notes for the new event
What you should note is that the event is limited only in the Golden City. And Jagex have canceled the limit for the daily capacity – 1000 per day, which means you can earn Menaphite Coins as many as possible. And because of the change, there will be something wrong with the event interface, which will be updated later. But you still can get as expected. In addition, you buy any event daily limit extenders today, the RuneCoins you have paid will be refunded in the following days.

The changes for Tunks RuneScape
As a young goebie, your first meeting with Tunks should be in the quest Call of the Ancestors. And now Tunks has a pet Malcolm since the update on June 19, which can be claimed to have when you learn about Invention Through Doc. And the pet Malcolm is a firefly skilling pet and can be unlocked by using the item Malcolm Pet.

After you get cheap RS gold on RS3gold, you can have a great experience in Aiding the Exile and enjoy the changes of Tunks RuneScape.

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